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The little Story of Bacchus
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    The small Version from the Story of Bacchus

    Bacchus was established in the Year 1998 primarily for Gay and Lesbian audience opened. Over the years, it was mixed with many other groups. Part fetish, Transgender or Transsexuals, but also many BI-Sex or Hetero. Heterosexual women especially enjoy it need not be constantly harassed.

    There will always play a great music and the mood is generally good crazy. I can say with pride and say that in the meantime almost every once in Innsbruck and Bacchus was discovered, has to be a homosexual, it is not as portrayed in movies.
    I will never forget the Scene in Police Academy, where the Police chief went to the Gay Bar and they all had black paint and leather with chains around their necks and danced slowley. Unfortunately, this is the image of a gay bar, that you have unknowing.

    Bacchus has made a major contribution to the awareness of the Tyrolean population, and that gays and lesbians no longer be discriminated against as before.

    In the Meantime, the Bacchus, far beyond the borders of Austria, a madman reputation, mostly as a Secret Tip

    In guidebooks to the whole world, that Bacchus is listed up front.
    Even Chinese Airlines lead us at the top when it comes to go out in Innsbruck goes.

    For the 10th year anniversary, we have established ongoing sweepstakes on the website.

    Philipp Margreiter
    Owner and Operator since 1998

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